Best Accessories For 2015

One thing is clear. Our smartphones are getting more expensive. Phablets and the new iPhone 6 Plus are proving that these devices are costing us more to buy. As a result, cases, covers and protective screens are becoming ultra important. Most smartphones come with Gorilla Glass which is very strong, but it’s flaw is exposed if your unprotected phone slips and falls at an odd angle on pavement. A glass can crack!

So moving forward into 2015 and beyond, protection is obviously a big market for accessories. However, what about taking  your smartphone into your car? A lot of countries are dealing with distracted driving and using your phone while it’s loose in the car will cost you a hefty fine. That means car related accessories are more important than ever. Check out Bluetooth headsets, smartphone holders and other wireless communication products that will be for your car. To use your smartphone in your car legally, most countries require it to be fixed to your car via a holder. The good thing is there is a tremendous amount of selection out there.

Examples of phone holders for your car.

Examples of phone holders for your car.

Customizing your phone is also a big market in the accessories market. There are more expensive designer cases coming onto the market now. There are way to make your iPhone even more glamorous! There are also purses for your smartphones!

Most times, the covers and case products are going to be at the top of the best sellers lists. There are a lot of options and a lot of price points. A trend in 2015 is the growing popularity of clear bumper style cases. That means for example, the case is basically invisible, but still offers excellent protection from drops. People might think a phone is like a tablet, but it’s not. A phone is going to be with you far more than a tablet and because it’s going in and out of pockets or purses, there is far more risk from a drop on concrete surfaces. Most times a tablet will be at home or is a more “drop safe” environment. I urge you to consider a bumper style protection at the very least. Screen protectors may have less importance with the ongoing improvements with Gorilla Glass. However, keep in mind that things like sand, grit and diamond rings will put a scratch on your phones screen.


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Buying the right smartphone case. Keeping it thin.

samsung-smarphone-caseI want to tell a bit of a short story. Not so much a story but it’s more a thought on the hard work your smartphone manufacturer put into the design and durability of your Samsung S3 or other current mobile phone. They always promo the thinness and you often see that thickness comparison in various reviews. People are quick to show off that slim profile compared to a pencil. This will continue to happen as the race to thin continues. How does this relate to smartphone cases?

Call it a pet peeve of mine but there is a line you have to draw between keeping your smartphone safe vs keeping it beautiful. These phones are becoming works of art and a thick, bulky case can really do injustice to the feel and design. If you’re prone to dropping your smartphone then sure, get that rubberized shell case that is a best seller. These smartphones cost more and more money and saving it from a fall is smart. I’m simply suggesting to choose carefully and decide your own preference. Keep it safe or keep it thin? That really is the question you’ll need to decide on your own.

Just keep in mind that when they design these cutting edge smartphone they aren’t putting them in a case to decide whether it feels right or not. Depending on what you choose you could be getting less from your device.


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Batteries – Complete Battery Buying Guide

smartphone batteries

Let’s face it, the Galaxy S3 from Samsung is going to be the next best smartphone on the planet. It’s has millions of pre orders already. One of the greatest features of the Samsung S3 is that the back cover slides off easily to expose the battery. The makes having a second battery for the S3 a great option. I would suggest most people would consider buying replacement batteries or simply secondary batteries for extended times when you are away from power. It happens and depending on your usage you might need that second battery.

This will be our main post for shopping Samsung Galaxy S3 batteries. There will be different brands, sizes and quality. We will sort through the various options and provide links to deals when we come across them. We like the S3 allowing easy access to the battery compartment and we are expecting other smartphone manufacturers to follow the same design style.

Updates coming soon!

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MHL cable, links HDTV to smartphone

There is a new smartphone accessory that will be of interest to most people. The MHL cable is a mobile high definition link from your smartphone to your HDTV. It’s actually quite amazing and it’s a newer technology. It’s going to be huge. HDTV’s that are currently coming to market should be compatible, but don’t worry. You can get an MHL adapter which allow this link to work on any HDTV. With that said, most new smartphones will have MHL built-in. It’s pretty simply. Connect and see your smartphone display on your television. It’s more than that though. MHL enabled tv’s will have remote controls that can control and navigate your smartphone. A bluetooth keyboard and mouse can also be used. The icing on the cake is the fact the MHL cable will charge your smartphone at the same time it’s hooked up.

Lots more coming up on this exciting technology. We think after some thought, you will be impressed with the possibilities of using your smartphone as part of your home network and for viewing media.

Read more on CNET.

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Bluetooth Headset Review – Bluetrek Carbon

With the increase in smartphones, the headset is an ever evolving category of smartphone accessories. Check out this new bluetooth headset from Bluetek. This is the Carbon model and it’s made from carbon fiber which makes this a pretty incredible and unique bluetooth headset. We’ve detailed some specs below, but you get a pretty good accessory package with this bluetooth headset which includes a plastic hook, 4 different ear buds, microUSB cable for charging, removable pen clip, and a great carrying case.

Here are some of the details:

  • Talk time : Up to 4.5 hours
  • Standby time : Up to 5 days
  • Weight : 5.9 g (0.27 oz)
  • Bluetooth specification : V3.0, backward compatible
  • NoiseLock™ noise cancellation
  • Multipoint technology
  • Voice instructions in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Mandarin

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Jawbone Bluetooth – Jawbone Era Review – Smartphone Headset

One of the best brand names you can get in smartphone headset products is Jawbone. The Jawbone Era is the newest headset model and it looks to be one of the best of 2011 and that’s our prediction. It retails for around $129.99 USD. A lot of people talk about the tap tap feature that when you double tap the headset, it will answer the call. Nifty! It’s available in four different colors including white, black, brown and black/red.  A nice feature is that it has several different options and ear bud sizes so that you can adjust it to your ear size.

Here are a few details:

  • excellent audio quality for music because of the increased speaker size
  • Advanced Bluetooth headset in Shadowbox design with NoiseAssasin 3.0 noise and wind canceling technology for clear communication
  • 25 percent larger wideband speaker that brings Hi-Definition audio as you talk on the phone, listen to music, and more
  • Customizable features with MyTALK platform–download apps, set different languages, and more
  • Jawbone battery meter automatically displays on iPhone (BlackBerry and others available at MyTALK)
  • Up to 5.5 hours of talk time, up to 240 hours (10 days) of standby time



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Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories

Update – Well there may be a very interesting smartphone accessory coming soon. The explosion of powerful smartphones has seemingly created a new market for keyboard docks. The Motorola Atrix 2X smartphone can dock into a keyboard which is connected to a monitor. It’s like a laptop with the smartphone dock in the back that powers the laptop shell or dock. It’s amazing and may be something of the future. Looks like 2011 could see some amazing keyboard docks for smartphones!

You’ve bought your smartphone. Now it’s time to have some real fun with it. Accessories can expand your use and enjoyment of your smartphone. If you can imagine it, chances are someone makes that accessory. Smart phone accessories like speakers or headsets make your smartphone much more useful. Music through smartphone speakers is amazing!

Shopping for smartphone accessories is lots of fun. There are so many cool smartphone accessories on the market that you will find something perfect for yourself or as a present for a friend or family. You are having a hard time buying a present for a friend? A great smartphone accessory from our best sellers list is a guaranteed winner!

Smartphone Cases – The most popular smartphone accessories category!

Sub links: Designer Smartphone Cases, Leather Smartphone Cases, Cute Smartphone Cases, Pink Smartphone Cases

Smartphone Skins – Customize the look of your smartphone with a stylish smartphone skin! These smartphone skins are easy to apply and remove and don’t leave any residue on your smartphone. Check out a video tutorial for how to apply and remove smartphone skins!

Smartphone Headset – With the new laws about mobile devices in vehicles, a smartphone headset accessory is becoming mandatory. Shop and buy from a big selection of wireless and bluetooth headset products!

Smartphone Faceplates – Personalize your smartphone with faceplates! If you want your phone to stand out from the crowd then you need to shop for smartphone faceplates.

Smartphone Holder – Whether you need a smartphone holder for your car or your desk, there is an accessory on the market that will give you what you need.

Smartphone Covers – You love the NFL? Get a cool NFL smartphone cover! Fancy designs and cool artwork smartphone covers that will really show off your smartphone.

Smartphone Charms – Another smartphone accessory that will personalize and change the look of your smartphone. These smartphone accessories strap onto your smartphone and you can have a variety of different little charms, which are essentially like decorations similar to what you might get for a bracelet.

Smartphone Clips – A simple belt clip for your smartphone is the perfect solution for a lot of people. Expect a fit for your model of smartphone and a style that suits you.

Smartphone Screen Protector – An essential smartphone accessory. Be careful what screen protector you buy because some products will be a hassle and won’t last more than a week. We provide reviews and deals on the best smartphone screen protector products.

Smartphone Accessory – Shop online for Smartphone Accessories!

smartphone cases leather accessoryOne thing is certain, smartphone accessory product bring new life and enjoyment into a rather dull piece of mobile equipment. A smartphone is just another smartphone. Add a smartphone accessory, and all of a sudden it becomes different, unique and something that stands out in the crowd. Afterall, why do you want to look like everyone else out there?

With the smartphone market booming, the number of different accessories is also growing. It’s hard for us to keep up! Having said this, having a wide selection of smartphone accessory product is important because like personalities, what you think is great isn’t what the next person considers to be great. So, when you shop for smartphone case accessory products, you all have different tastes. That means, leather, designer, pink, or others, need to be available to you. You don’t want to have to go to 4 different smartphone accessory websites just to find a smartphone case. In this regard, we have a lot of work to do to ensure you have a great shopping experience here.charger accessory

Think about decoration type smartphone accessory products for a moment. Charms, faceplates, covers, skins. Those accessories all show personality. Not everyone has the same tastes, and the wide range of available products is massive to say the least. We will break down the accessory products into specific categories so that you can find quickly, the type of accessory that suits your tastes. You want pink smartphone accessory product? We will have a section for those. You want sports related smartphone accessory products? We will have a section for that. Branching our smartphone accessory website will be done on a regular basis and we would like to have your feedback as to how we are doing. If we can get you quickly to where you need to be, then we are doing our jobs. You don’t want to search page after page of smartphone accessories just to find something pink for example.

bluetooth smartphone accessoryWhatever your smartphone need, chances are there is a smartphone accessory that meets that need. Consider 2010 and the laws against phones in cars. A smarthone headset is becoming essential. Perhaps even a smartphone holder for your car is worthwhile. Smartphones have GPS and a great holder will allow you to navigate via GPS hands free. Bluetooth accessory products are equally impressive. Think safety and convenience. Chances are we have a smartphone accessory that will meet both those needs at the same time.

Thanks for visiting! Online store coming right up! Check back with us!


accessories for your smartphone

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